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Project Manager/Analyst


$65,000 - $80,000

About the Role

As a Project Management Consultant, you will work in collaboration with clients to create solutions that help our clients solve problems, improve operations, and grow their business through completing qualitative analysis and developing strategic recommendations, project scope, and managing execution.


  • Analyze the current system considering the whole ecosystem of an organization to develop strategic recommendations and proposals.

  • Use good judgment and skill to develop a project management approach scaled to meet the individual needs of the clients' team.

  • Define project scope, goals, and deliverables.

  • Plan, guide, and monitor projects from conception through implementation.

  • Collaborate with team and key stakeholders to predict and identify any potential risks.

  • Develop and execute mitigation plans to respond proactively, manage risks and establish project recovery plans when required.

  • Work across teams to establish a timeline and drive teams to execute against that timeline while mitigating issues/risks along the way.

  • Manage several concurrent high visibility projects simultaneously.

  • Oversee quality control throughout the project’s life cycle.

  • Track key metrics, including cost and performance.

  • Communicate project deliverables and progress to key stakeholders and customers.

  • Identify ways to increase adoption and client satisfaction.

  • Coach, mentor, and motivate project team members.


  • Expert knowledge of both Agile and traditional project management principles and practices and the ability to blend them together in the right proportions to fit a project and business environment.

  • Strong project management and data analytical skills

  • Software implementation experience preferred.

  • Experience with process improvement design and implementation

  • Strong situational leadership and influencing skills.

  • Bias for action and a track record of delivering results.

  • Experience managing multiple projects concurrently.

  • Experience in Microsoft Teams and Smartsheet

  • 2+ years of relevant consulting or industry experience

Our Core Beliefs

  • All size companies deserve access to high quality, experienced project management to help break down barriers to growth.

  • Too many projects fail.  

  • Projects are meant to be temporary, but success should not be.

  • Projects don’t end at go live.

  • Build self-sufficiency, not dependency.

  • For the best results, ask the right people the right questions at the right time.

  • Too many companies focus on picking the “right” or “best” software, but struggle with the communication, change management, and adoption strategies to truly maximize the value.

Our Values

Learn: At Echo Consulting, we believe learning is a lifestyle that energizes and inspires.

Share: We believe that translating what we learn into something of value, worthy of sharing, provides purpose.  

Grow: Growth, both personal and professional, is our guiding star and how we measure results.

Care: Caring about our families, friends, clients, community, and world gives our lives meaning.  

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