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Develop funding programs that align with your mission.


Develop funding programs that align with your mission.

When requests for research, sponsorships, and events start piling up, it can be hard to stay on top of all the steps grant management requires. Managing processes for review, prioritization, approval, funding, tracking, and more make for an overwhelming workload. Grant management needs are as unique as each grant itself, and processes need to be tailored to each team to reap the best results. That’s where we come in. 


We know the grant process doesn’t end when it’s awarded.

We know the grant process doesn’t end when it’s awarded. 

Result reporting and visibility are essential aspects of grant management, but data obscurity can make streamlined processes difficult – especially with a big team. Tailored, persona-based permissioning can ensure every team member has all the information they need to succeed – and none of the info they don’t. We’ll take all stages into consideration, and help your team establish strong communication methods to stay on track throughout the life of the grant award. 


In what ways should the grant be used that align with your mission? We’ll help you define priorities and keep you organized.


Know what criteria will be the most valuable to your applicants so you receive applications that hit the ball out of the park.


Keep track of applicants’ information so you can find the best fit for your funding.


Keep track of how the grant is spent with clear reporting that funding is being used by applicants for its intended purposes.

Find a platform that works.

Create timelines, store resources, automate processes, and more using one platform for it all.


Grow your business with our Grant Management solutions.

Ready to get started?

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