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Optimize visibility, multitask efficiently, and align your team.

With our Program & Portfolio Management services, roles and responsibilities are made clear, and team-wide visibility is improved. Manage interdependencies proactively with prioritization, risk mitigation plans, and issue resolution and escalation protocols.

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PMO and PPM can help every organization reach their goals.

At Echo Consulting, we believe in the importance of bringing the right people together at the right time to make the right decisions. Our team can help yours plan next steps, take them, and create sustainable solutions to keep you moving forward.

Systematize Practices

Solidify and streamline project management practices. Move plans along smoothly with cross-department process standardization. 

Target Goals

Ensure that all projects are working toward the same mission. Build project maps around reaching clear, attainable end-goals and know your hard work is taking you where you want to go.

Gain Visibility

Access executive-level visibility into complex multi-project workflows. Keep your finger on the pulse of every project and department.

Ease Change

Support large cross-functional team implementations. Make transitions easy with clear communication and collaborative workflows.

Work efficiently and effectively.

Optimize processes with the software platform that fits your needs.


Grow your business with our PMO & PPM solutions.

Ready to get started?

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