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A Founder's Perspective at 3 Years In

It was a dream that I carried within me, then it popped out before I was quite “ready” and everyone admired how cute it was, but didn’t see all the hard work and self-doubt behind the scenes as I focused on keeping it alive. Then the exploration phase started, and some initial bouts of separation anxiety and toddling as a foundation was established and Echo started to develop a sense of self, separate from me. And this past year, Echo has become increasingly independent, and there have been bouts of extreme emotion as I struggle between helicopter parenting, and pride and joy in each new milestone the Echo team hits and proves that it needs me less and less. As we head into our 4th year of business, I’m filled with pride and awe as Echo shows incredible empathy for our clients, and amazing problem-solving skills as we grow rapidly and face challenges head-on. As a founder/parent – watching Echo’s love for learning and sharing – and the impressive growth and genuine care for the team and our clients – I feel so fortunate to be part of the journey! As we celebrate Echo's 3rd anniversary this week - I am reminded of a quote by Mother Teresa:

"You will teach them to fly, but they will not fly your flight. You will teach them to dream, but they will not dream your dream. You will teach them to live, but they will not live your life. Nevertheless, in every flight, in every life, in every dream, the print of the way you taught them will remain." Onwards & Upwards!


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