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Benefits of Using a Project Management System

As you are embarking down the path to select a project management system, it is really important to ask yourself: What are the main benefits I am hoping to gain from using a project management system?

By asking yourself this question, you can be sure that you are keeping your top priorities in mind as you are exploring different options, reviewing feature capabilities, and even testing out free versions. Each time you look at a new tool, you can review the key features that will meet the highest priority benefits you are looking for.

In this blog post, we are going to cover the top benefits we hear from our clients as they are adopting new project management software.


When looking at a project management system, many businesses want to leverage a system that can support their need for prioritizing work effectively across their team. Using a tool that can clearly report on the top priorities for the team as well as the status of those priorities, can help leaders stay focused on the organization's largest strategic initiatives. This can also ensure individual contributors are able to stay on task and on schedule with those critical items. project management systems have several features that can help with the goal of prioritization. A few include dashboard and reporting capabilities, priority level setting, capacity planning, goal setting and more.

Automation Workflows

I think it's safe to say that we can all use time savings in our work. Automation workflows allow team members to save time in communication, meeting attendance, manual planning, and more. In today's landscape, automation is a must-have. Whether you're looking for specific stakeholders to be automatically notified when tasks are completed or setting up task dependencies to ensure projects can move forward seamlessly - most project management systems today allow for varying levels of automation which can help your team to become efficiency masters!

Boost Productivity

If your team member is having to spend a lot of time identifying what needs to be done or waiting for a direction from someone, this can really slow them and your business down. By adopting a project management system, you can help your team members spend less time planning and more time doing.


Transparency is a key benefit we hear our clients are hoping to gain from a project management system. This is especially true for team leaders and managers. The ability to gain insight into the workload of each team member currently has on their plate as well as the status of key milestones or deliverables helps managers to support their team more effectively.

Project Management

When a business is looking for project management as a benefit within the software they choose, they are often looking for features such as dependency capabilities, a timeline or GANTT chart view, budgeting capabilities, time tracking, and often reporting or dashboard capabilities to be able to show different stakeholders specific data or information that is relevant to them.


If you are working within a team that requires frequent collaboration and communication, a project management system can really help streamline those processes. Common features within task management systems to support this includes tagging team members to notify them of updates, commenting within specific tasks or milestones, uploading documents for review, etc. Identifying the ways that would be most helpful for your team members to collaborate is a key insight to keep in mind as you are searching for the right tool.


At a very basic level, a project management system can really help your team members by reminding them of upcoming due dates for projects. In addition to checking your project management system each day for an overview of the work you and your team have, you can also set up reminders for yourself to be notified of upcoming deliverables as well as activity that has taken plan on projects you are keeping track of.


A key benefit of using a project management software is that you can access it from anywhere! All project management systems offer capabilities to gain access to your system from your laptop, tablet or your phone.


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