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Client Success Story: CRAID Log

Updated: Apr 4

“The game has changed as a result of the CRAID log. Having a central location where I could put all of my sticky notes detailing issues or tasks. It was an enormous help in keeping track of all the different things that came up when it was first given to us during our time with ECHO. Instead of sending emails or using team chat, I can use Smartsheet collaboration functions to keep all comments and/or updates in one place” - Elizabeth Vest, Associate Project Manager at Tremco



  • Lack of visibility & accountability

  • Data capture spread out amongst email, meeting notes, and separate project plans leading to lost items

  • Fire-fighting mode when issues arise due to lack of tracking and ownership at risk level

  • Communication breakdowns due to being spread out amongst platforms

  • Increased transparency and accountability

  • All risks, actions, issues & decisions captured in one place

  • Proactive communication and management of risks prior to issues arising

  • Improved communication through Smartsheet’s collaboration functions

The Problem:

Lack of standardization for capturing action items, risks, issues, decisions, and change requests leading to miscommunications, items getting lost in the shuffle, and other various issues arising.


Tremco reached out to Echo Consulting as they were already using Smartsheet as a solution for a Project Management Office (PMO) but were looking to scale and optimize the solution to provide improved visibility across the organization and standardize the intake, execution, and prioritization of project work. They wanted help designing the data architecture, configuration, and implementation of their Smartsheet solution, as well as guidance in deploying PMO best practices. Tremco also sought Echo’s expertise to establish multiple Control Center Blueprints for faster project stand-up and the ability to make global updates across their project portfolio.


The Echo Consulting Team recommended our standard Smartsheet Boost Implementation Package for this engagement. Echo worked closely with the Tremco team to review existing documentation and process workflows for a gap analysis, identifying requirements and opportunities for process improvement. We then took our proven iterative approach to design, build, pilot, get feedback, and train the Tremco team on their updated solution.

Echo’s signature standard project methodology incorporates a CRAID Log to track and manage all change requests, risks, actions, issues, and decisions throughout the engagement. A key communication tool, this shared CRAID / RAID log increases transparency and accountability by providing a single executable, trackable sheet instead of multiple sheets and notes that may get lost in the shuffle. A CRAID log is also a helpful tool for teams to be more proactive and get out of the constant "fire-fighting" mode of only reacting to immediate issues.

After utilizing the CRAID Log for the Echo Boost Engagement, Tremco Project Sponsors decided that they found the tool so useful they wanted to include it in the template for all projects moving forward in Smartsheet. Echo team members included the CRAID log for data capture within Control Center Blueprint to provide a standardized process for data capture and communication.

Current State

The CRAID Log is currently being data tested by the Tremco Team to prove effectiveness and build buy-in prior to making it a mandatory element of all future projects.

“Implementing the CRAID log into our business is a new path and one that I’m glad we’ve taken! It is a great tool to capture the random or miscellaneous tasks that need to get done but tend to get lost in the shuffle of the everyday chats, emails, and calls. It’s the perfect alternative to logging the tasks within a large project plan, which risks breaking predecessors or getting lost in all the rows. We have started to implement it in various ways with various groups that we work with regularly. The way we used it with Echo to launch our Smartsheet solution really gave us the experience we needed to adapt it into our group.” - Rachel Wrobel, Director of Data and Project Management at Tremco

Tremco Construction Products Group is a manufacturer of roofing materials and services, construction sealants, and a host of custom-designed products, programs, and services dedicated to worldwide construction and maintenance. Tremco’s six-sided solutions deliver demonstrable performance at the lowest possible lifecycle costs and ensure peace of mind through long-term warranties and maintenance programs.

Industry: Construction Product Manufacturing

Location: Beachwood, OH

Size: 3,000

Want to learn how to implement a powerful CRAID Log for your team? Register for our value-packed webinar reviewing the foundations and best practices to utilize Smartsheet to manage and track risks, actions, and decisions for your team.


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