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Getting Started with Smartsheet

Updated: Apr 4

If you’ve never used a platform similar to Smartsheet before, we understand it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Whether your team is using Smartsheet for project management, a project management office (PMO), budget and resourcing, content management, and more - once you have a grasp of the system, Smartsheet will empower you and your team to move faster and achieve more with their powerful core capabilities and premium add-on products. Just like anything you learn, your best learning path will depend on your learning style to determine what suits you best. Here are some resources our team and our clients have found helpful, and we recommend starting with:

Learning Center

Smartsheet has a very robust and extensive Learning Center complete with learning tracks broken down into user experience, webinars, help articles, and more! We recommend starting at the learning track that’s appropriate to get a comprehensive introduction and overview of the system. As you get more in-depth with Smartsheet use, the search bar in the learning center is a great place to start when searching for an answer to a question or clarification around a functionality! For continued learning, we recommend checking out the Smartsheet University.


The Smartsheet Community is a great resource to explore and troubleshoot when issues arise. It’s likely someone else has had a similar question and you may already have a solution at your fingertips! If you’re not able to find the answer you need, you have the ability to ask a question for fellow Smartsheet users to answer.


Smartsheet hosts a variety of events and webinars to help you take your Smartsheet use to the next level, and all can be found on the Events page in Smartsheet. They host a mixture of paid instructor-led trainings, free webinars, Q& A sessions, and more!

Solution Center

The Smartsheet Solution Center is a value-packed resource filled with sheet templates and template sets. Templates will always need to be adjusted for your organization and unique use case, but it is a great place to start to view best practices and examples of setting up a sheet and is much more efficient than starting from scratch.


YouTube is always a great resource when learning something new to find helpful videos and tutorials whether you are learning cooking, a DIY craft, home repair, or in this case a new technology tool. Echo Consulting’s own YouTube Channel has a playlist dedicated to Smartsheet where you can find free recordings of our webinars, tips & tricks, tutorials, and new feature highlights. We recommend following to receive updated content and starting with our Smartsheet: Best Practices webinar.

If you are looking to implement Smartsheet for your organization and would like an expert to assure best practices are followed in the initial design and data structure and to conduct training to assure successful adoption, Echo Consulting is proud to be a Smartsheet Aligned Partner with multiple product-certified consultants. With our vast experience in Smartsheet Implementation as well as optimization/extension of existing Smartsheet environments – we are here to help you get maximum value from this powerful tool. Check out our Smartsheet Implementation Service offerings and reach out to for a free ½ hour discovery call.


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