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Is it Time for Your Team to Adopt a Project Management System?

Is your team struggling with miscommunication, lack of viability, poor resource management, or lack of accountability leading to frustration, missed opportunities, and inefficiency? A project management system might be the answer you are looking for.

Miscommunication Causing Conflict

It’s no secret that lack of communication can have severe impacts on a team’s collaboration, teamwork & morale. When items are spread out via many methods of communication, slack, email, texting etc, it’s easy for messages to get missed and lost. Poor team communication can create unnecessary confusion or misunderstandings causing frustration and inefficiency. How many times have you experienced a miscommunication leading to missing requirements, accountability, or deadlines? The Project Management Institute reports that 56% of projects fail because the project leaders and team members weren’t on the same page.

A project management system can help alleviate this challenge by offering an umbrella for all communication to be handled efficiently allowing real-time updates and the ability to set who is accountable, deadlines, dependencies, requirements, and more! Everyone is clear of what they must do and when. Implementing a task management system keeps teams on the same page alleviating miscommunication and unnecessary frustration.

Lack of Visibility

With so many concurrent tasks happening simultaneously, the amount of time spent on meetings, back and forth communication, and reporting is endless. With the real-time updates that a task management system allows, you can easily see the status of an item, what is dependent on that item being completed, the expected completion date, and more!

It also allows for a better picture of your team’s workload. By having all the tasks in one system, you can easily see who is overloaded to better prioritize and either reschedule or redelegate.

Unrealistic Deadlines, Time Management & Resource Management

Without an overarching system, it can be difficult to have a proper bird’s eye view of all the simultaneous projects and tasks. This can easily lead to frustration and team burnout by overloading them with too many projects and tasks than they would be able to successfully complete, not being able to prioritize the high-impact projects and tasks, as well as poor budget and resource management.

Having a project management system in place allows for a clear, overarching view of all projects and tasks to better be able to determine priority, how resources should be allocated, overall budget, where your team's time is best spent, and more accurate timelines.

Lack of Accountability

We’ve all experienced the blame game the inevitably occurs when a ball gets dropped. This can often be due to a lack of accountability. The entire team is unsure who owns what and therefore assumes someone else is handling it.

A project management system allows for leaders and teams to clearly communicate who is responsible for each item by assigning tasks, setting deadlines, and noting requirements. Everyone is clear what they are responsible for and can easily communicate if their portion is completed.

If these challenges resonate with you, maybe it’s time for your team to adopt a task management system. Feel free to email our team at for a free ½ consultation and to learn more about how Echo Consulting can support your team through software selection, process improvement, training & more!


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