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Team Member Highlight: Jenna Jones

Updated: Apr 4

This month I will have been with Echo for a month, and I already know this is the team for me. Echo has pushed me into not only being a better worker but a better person. This team checks in on me multiple times a day to make sure I understand the work, and to just see how I am doing. I’ve never worked with a company like that before. I absolutely love to write and am excited to be writing a blog post as part of my Echo Consulting onboarding, I know I made the right decision to join this team.

I am still considered a new graduate, but I love to tackle all my work head-on. I’ve been working with Google Sheets and Excel since middle school because they always fascinated me. The fact that you can store all this information in one place AND organize it! I was hooked. Before starting this role at Echo, I worked as a Product Data Analyst with my local Air Force Base and that’s where I realized working with data is what I want to do forever. I worked on IPBs (Illustrated Parts Breakdown) and worked with the D200F system. I mostly worked with my small team and equipment specialist to go through the top 30 NIINs for the Air Force. Working in data really energizes me. Being able to work with data which I’ve loved even before I joined the workforce, has been extremely rewarding. Working with data has set a very high standard that I don’t think other jobs would be able to reach.

I really like this quote by Dale Carnegie: “People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.” This quote speaks volumes to what I like to talk about in my everyday life. Whenever I do any kind of work with Echo, it hardly feels like I’m working at all. I love being able to reach out to my coworkers about any questions and not have to worry about nagging anyone. Everyone is so open about information and are willing to let me sit in on client meetings to help me understand the work better. I think having a flexible working schedule is a big factor in this. I haven’t met a lot of companies who are full-time remote with the option to go into the office (if you live closer of course). Most companies I’ve seen are either strictly remote or in-person with no choice. I think that shows how much Echo cares about the team’s needs.

I’m excited to see what my future is like with Echo, and I hope to have continuous support all the way through it just as I do now.


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