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Team Member Highlight: Keefer Welsh

Five years into my professional career and there is NO WAY I could have plotted the course I’ve taken or roles I’ve occupied. And as I begin this next chapter with Echo Consulting, I would like to share a few of the things I’ve experienced along the way…

Like many others, I’m not exactly using my degree to its fullest potential — but then again, our society has a funny way of assigning value to certain industries. My time in the environmental conservation field taught me that I value impacting decision making much more than assessing the consequences of decisions that have already been made.

Getting folks excited about residential solar inside of Home Depots was made easier with the Tesla branding — but making friends out of strangers is always a challenge. Then getting people to answer a cold call and discuss little know aspects of their business was even more challenging! The years I spent refining sales techniques are extremely valuable to me and my exit from the industry taught me to listen to my moral compass and respond with decisive action.

Managing a business’ software use and administer solutions that promote operational efficiencies has become my passion. It has taught me that there is always more to learn and different perspectives to see. That moment I feel comfortable in my abilities has become a call to arms for me to diversify my skillset and seek out the opportunities for growth.

What I value above all else is the people I’ve met and the impact they’ve had on my life. I’m constantly reflecting on the opportunities I’ve been given, the confidence others have had in my abilities, and the impact I’ve had on the world. It all fuels me to be better, to contribute more, to matter more — out of respect for those that have believed in me and in anticipation of those that will put their trust in me in the future.

At Echo Consulting I will continue to bring a critical perspective backed by an empathetic constitution. My strengthens will serve to support the goals of our clients and their successes will serve to develop me as person and as a professional… talk about a positive feedback loop!

Written By: Keefer Welsh, Implementation Consultant with Echo Consulting


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