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Team Member Highlight: Mark Monaghan

Updated: Apr 4

Mark Headshot

I'm nearly finished with my second month at Echo Consulting, and my excitement continues to grow as I work closely with the team on my extensive onboarding schedule. I wear a few hats in my new role, but each one allows me to identify improvement opportunities and implement those changes to support others and continue to grow with this awesome team.

I have been following Molly’s progress with Echo since launching in 2019 as a solopreneur. I watched as new team members were added slowly at first, and then more rapidly in 2022. I now have the pleasure of being #13 on the team (I know – but someone had to be it at some point!). As I watched Echo grow and establish their identity and share their core values, so many things resonated with me. It was a company I wanted to learn more about and explore working with, and the rest, as they say, is history!

The philosophy of supporting clients to be self-sufficient and not dependent was refreshing. Coming from the education sector this approach seemed obvious, but it 's not always the norm in the project management world. In my short time at Echo I see how the team really believes this and wants clients to ‘fly’ – and this is so energizing.

I believe that having fun, having a sense of community and connection, and having a space to explore and grow are vital components for our well-being and success in our work. One of the things that popped out to me about Echo and was their values, and how they supported everything I believe work and life should be about.

I wanted to reflect at the end of this second month on why Learn, Share, Grow, Care as values resonated with me, how I have seen them within Echo already, and why they are crucial to success in work and life.


Learn is about embracing a lifelong journey of learning and education. Whether it is through formal education, self-study, or on-the-job training, learning helps us to acquire new skills and perspectives that enable us to grow and contribute to society in meaningful ways. This journey never ends with things changing so rapidly. In just two months of being at Echo I've explored new tools, and there have been many opportunities to learn from different perspectives, whether with the client or with the team. This drive from the team to be at the leading edge puts Echo and their clients in an awesome place to move forward.


Share refers to the importance of sharing our knowledge, skills, and resources with others. This value encourages us to be generous and collaborate with one another, leading to a more interconnected and supportive community. By sharing, we can help others to grow and learn and benefit from their own growth and learning. I have found so many examples of sharing and giving value over the past two months. This is linked with another strong value I have seen and heard a lot at Echo already: transparency. From day one I have had access to the people, resources, and support I needed.


Grow refers to the importance of continuous personal and professional development. It is essential to strive for growth in all aspects of life, including knowledge, skills, and relationships. This value encourages us to challenge ourselves and push beyond our comfort zones, leading to a more fulfilling and meaningful life. At Echo, my onboarding has been about me growing into the business and the team. From having 1:1 with each team member to identifying my own goals for growth and being encouraged to grow my networks I have seen so many examples of how this value is supported.


Care is about showing compassion and empathy for others and ourselves. This value encourages us to prioritize our well-being and the well-being of others and to act with kindness and consideration in all our interactions. By living and working with care, we can create a positive and supportive environment that promotes growth, learning, and sharing. At Echo, I've experienced this in my onboarding tasks and check-ins about my well-being as I come to grips with a hybrid role. There is a genuine discussion about how we can do this with a growing remote team. The fact that care is embedded in what we do will mean that creating value for our clients and team members will be a priority.

In conclusion, the values of Learn, Share, Grow, Care are interrelated and essential for a successful and fulfilling life, business, and team. By prioritizing these values at Echo, we can create a positive impact on ourselves and our clients. We can ensure that what we do drives value and is authentic. I am encouraged that I have seen snapshots of these values being lived here at Echo and excited to try to live and breathe these myself.

Want to get to know Echo's new team member, Mark? Check out his LinkedIn profile or watch the first video he recorded for Echo. We look forward to him being able to share more valuable insights with you!


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