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VIDEO: How to Build a Dashboard in Smartsheet

Watch this video for a step-by-step tutorial on How to Build a Dashboard in Smartsheet from scratch. Watch an expert create a dashboard from start to finish in under an hour. With a focus on DIY from basics to advanced dashboard skills, Kelly creates a Project Dashboard during this value packed live webinar.

  • Learn how to add different types of metrics and charts to a Smartsheet Dashboard and configure them.

  • Learn how to connect sheets and reports to highlight the most important information.

  • Learn tips and tricks on how to save time and make your dashboard more meaningful to viewers.

Kelly Pratt from Echo Consulting has created hundreds of dashboards for dozens of clients and she shares best practices on how to create dashboards that are meaningful, user friendly, and incorporate Smartsheet new features and best practices for the best results.

Looking for support with your Smartsheet solution? You could work with Kelly and the team at Echo Consulting to optimize your Smartsheet platform!


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