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Guide for Calculating Project Health

A helpful, but sometimes overlooked metric when tracking projects is project health. A "RYG" project health indicator can be a simple, yet effective way to know the status of a project at a glance, but when one team member thinks the project is Red and another considers it Yellow, who is right? If you don't have guidelines in place, it's tempting to just ignore health and pretend it's not there.


This is why it's important to have criteria for each category so the entire team is using the same measurements and classifications, and it's easy to see where a project belongs. We coach clients every day on using client health, so we've developed a handy guide to help you, too.


Download this guide as a starting point to help your team identify the criteria for project health related to scope, schedule, and budget for your organization. Make it easy, and your team will soon see the value of this important metric!

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Download your Guide

This is a guide to help you and your team identify the criteria for identifying project health related to scope, schedule, and budget.

Use this stoplight system as a starting point and tweak it to make it work for your business.

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