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Moving on up? We'll help you get there.

You’ve put in the time with your project management systems. 

You know your processes, but your system is out of date or you've outgrown it.

Your team or organization is evolving, and it's time to focus on intentional growth.

We’ve been there.


As our team has rapidly scaled, we’ve had to practice what we preach by upgrading our tech and streamlining our systems. We can help you do the same.

Our team of tech experts will help you assess what’s still working in your system, and what to adapt for your scaling needs. This stage is popular for startups who are in their first 3-6 years of business, and are looking to streamline processes and implement more powerful tools.


Moving towards intentional growth?

Image by Volodymyr Hryshchenko


We’re not a services company – we’re a solutions company. 

We blend people, process, and technology to drive transformations that increase transparency, improve accountability and remove friction.

We want you to grow more, struggle less, and get the maximum value for your investment. And we know that means we need to focus on YOU. We’ll work with you to evaluate your pain points, determine the best tool for your organization or team, and then build a tailored solution to usher in an era of smooth, streamlined success.


An Iterative Approach to Design, Build, Pilot, Get Feedback, and Train

Tremco reached out to Echo Consulting as they were already using Smartsheet as a solution for a Project Management Office (PMO) but were looking to scale and optimize the solution to provide improved visibility across the organization and standardize the intake, execution, and prioritization of project work.


They wanted help designing the data architecture, configuration, and implementation of their Smartsheet solution, as well as guidance in deploying PMO best practices. Tremco also sought Echo’s expertise to establish multiple Control Center Blueprints for faster project stand-up and the ability to make global updates across their project portfolio.



Implementation Packages


Implementing systems into your daily operations increases efficiency and allows teams to grow rapidly. Our Kickstart packages are for growing teams in need of a work management process that grows with them.

Time to go live: 8-10 weeks*

Price: Starting at $15,000


Boost Implementation Packages are ideal for teams that are scaling rapidly and/or are looking to migrate work management platforms.

Time to go live: 10-12 weeks*

Price: Starting at $25,000


Tools of the Trade

Project management technology is our sweet-spot and we’re determined to find the best fit for your team. We are platform-agnostic and do not accept commissions from IT vendors and software platforms, so you can trust that our recommendations are unbiased and the right choice for your team.

Have a favorite software? Looking to switch to a new tool? Here are our current favorite tools for solutions.

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