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Outsource projects to boost efficiency.

We get to know you, your priorities, and your preferences, so we can jump in when you need to extend your bandwidth.

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Cut costs without sacrificing quality.

Experience and expertise make a difference when you’re working to get the job done right. We offer staff augmentation so you can get the benefits of our skilled professionals without the costs of onboarding a new employee.

Hit the Ground Running

We know your team and the way you work. Get started quickly, without having to catch anyone up to speed.

Fresh Ideas and New Perspectives

Benefit from an outsider’s point of view. We’ll notice golden opportunities and areas for improvement that may get looked over from the inside.

Increase Productivity

Hold your team accountable with a 'new' team member. We'll keep your projects moving by asking the right people the right questions at the right time.

Expand Your Team's Skillset

We bring our own set of skills to the table. Our team is up-to-date with all the best practices and ways to make the most of a project.


We don’t do full-time placements.

We’re here to lend a hand where and when you need it – but it's our policy that no Echo team member spends more than 50% of their in-office time with any one client. We don’t sign on as full-time members of your company, but we don’t need to. We balance our internal and external efforts evenly, staying well-integrated enough to be proactive and flexible on all fronts. 

At Echo, our employees are given flexibility in their schedules, but are also still held accountable for contributing to the team internally. We value our community and the work we do together, so it’s important we’re able to work with clients while maintaining the internal integrity of our team. 

Grow your business with our Staff Augmentation Solutions.

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