Why Echo Consulting?

Led by CEO, Molly Yanus, Echo Consulting is a project management firm focused on maximizing the return on investment (ROI) for businesses undergoing technical and business transformation projects.

Whether your team is considering rolling out a new solution, an upgrade of your current platform, or improving your current process, Echo Consulting is your experienced guide throughout.

We believe: 

  1. Small to mid-sized companies deserve access to top-tier, experienced project management to break down the barriers to scaling their companies. 
  2. Too many technical projects fail. 
  3. Too many companies focus on picking the “right” or “best” software, but struggle with the communication, change management, and adoption strategies to truly maximize the value.

Echo Consulting helps companies deliver on their passion with less frustration and greater success

Our Philosophy:
The thing about an echo is that it always comes back to you.

That is our goal at Echo Consulting: to always come back to you, your needs, and your priorities. 

Between managing the day-to-day details of your business, maintaining customer satisfaction, and offering the very best product and service you can, you are already stretched to the max. 

Echo Consulting provides a comprehensive solution, based on project management best practices, customized to your needs.

Here are a few questions we’re asked most frequently:  

Q: “Can’t someone on my team do this?” 
A: It’s tempting to volunteer a team member for the role of project manager. However, this often results in hours of frustration, stress, and wasted time and money. 
Echo Consulting provides the experience, education, and empowerment that teams need. We do more than simply hand you cookie-cutter solutions on a plate. Instead, our skilled consultants guide you in every part of the process. 

Q: “Won’t it take too long to hire a project management consultant and get them up to speed?” 
A: In fact, our clients say the opposite is true. While working through the in’s and out’s of the project or projects you are planning, we ask the right questions at the right time, getting to the heart of the problem. 
When a business is facing a decision, they’re often looking at a single solution. It may not be the best option though. It could even cause problems with other systems already in place. That’s where Echo Consulting shines: creating security and structure, asking the questions that get to the real issues, and helping businesses to discern the best option for their company at that particular time. 

Q: “Do I need special software or templates already in place?” 
A: Not at all.
Whether your own templates and structure already exist or you’d prefer to use ours, the option is completely your own.We believe in finding the right approach to the unique issues each business faces. What works for one company may not be the best solution for another, and we always advocate for clients, not a particular tool or system.