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Level up your data-driven decision-making

Dealing with loads of complex data across multiple sources?  Quickly produce compelling visuals, surface insights, and tailor views for multiple audiences, all within one powerful analytics tool – Power BI.

Managing and analyzing data from multiple streams can be overwhelming, especially when it is housed in different tools or platforms within an organization.  Echo knows how to integrate data into Power BI from a variety of sources and software tools, including Smartsheet,, and other finance, human resources, and time tracking software.  Power BI can even build visuals on top of your Smartsheet reports or be embedded within your Smartsheet dashboards.   Get the whole picture for your team and wow your stakeholders with compelling, customizable visuals that can be filtered, sliced, and dynamically adjusted all in one place.   

Bring real-time data together from multiple sources  

Embed visuals in reports, dashboards, and tabbed views

Share custom views with external customers or internal teams 

Keep data secure with Microsoft’s air-tight security measures

Microsoft Power BI Graphic, Dashboard
Microsoft Power BI Report Data Visualization

With Power BI, you can:

Boost data visibility
Track real-time metrics
Streamline key data reports
Grant customers access to data
Customize reporting and analytics
Rest assured that your data is secure

Grow your business with our Power BI Solutions.

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