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Balancing People, Process, and Technology

Have you ever found yourself wondering :

  • “WHAT is my team is doing?”

  • “WHERE can I find it?”

  • “WHEN it's going to be done?”

  • “WHY do we keep adding more and more tools and I still don't know what's going on?”

  • “Is this the new ‘NORMAL’ because we are growing, COVID, remote work, etc?”

  • “HOW can we grow more and struggle less?

These are great questions, and you are not alone in thinking about them.

Finding the right BALANCE between flexibility and standardization is hard.

Finding the right FIT for People, Process, and Tools that respects your team’s culture, and the needs of your growing business is a constant challenge.

Finding the right TIME to address these concerns, while maintaining focus on day to day operations is difficult.

At Echo Consulting, we help teams grow more and struggle less.

We are process improvement geeks, productivity software nerds, and team champions. Balancing People, Process, and Technology is not easy, but it can be FUN when you have the RIGHT partner to work and the support your team deserves.

At Echo Consulting, we know it is so much more than selecting the right tool. It is finding the right BLEND of people, process, and technology to:

  • Address your most critical challenges,

  • Lay a flexible foundation,

  • Ensure solid adoption.

  • With a long term focus on continuous improvement.

We are automation experts, passionate innovators, project managers, implementation consultants, solution architects, and business analysts that share an intense drive to learn, share, grow, and care.

If you are looking for a partner to help your team grow more and struggle less, reach out – we are a women-owned small business in the beautiful state of Vermont and we offer flat fee packages and hourly consulting options tailored to meet your goals.

The thing about an Echo, is that it always comes back to You. Your needs, your goals, your success.

Grow more and struggle less. Echo Consulting - Project Management that fits.


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