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Echo Greatest Hits: Top Videos from 2023

Updated: Apr 4

It’s been quite a year for the Echo team! In addition to making new connections with clients, onboarding new team members, and launching our strategic decision-making software, we’ve created dozens of resources freely available on our website and youtube channel

We’re taking a look back at the year and calling out some of our favorite and most popular video resources to date. If you have a topic you’d love to see us unpack in a video, leave a comment or send us a message! And make sure to subscribe to our channel to stay up to date on our video tutorials, best practices guides, and quick tips. 

Most Watched Videos of 2023

#1How to Build a Dashboard in Smartsheet: A step-by-step tutorial on building a Smartsheet dashboard from scratch. With a focus on DIY from basics to advanced dashboard skills, Kelly creates a Project Dashboard during this value-packed tutorial.

#2How to Use Smartsheet for Project Management: Smartsheet empowers teams to collaborate, plan, capture, track, and report on projects allowing for maximum efficiency and communication throughout! In this value-packed webinar recording, we will cover Smartsheet best practices along with tips and tricks to increase your team’s efficiency.

#3Smartsheet Tutorial: How to Create a Metrics Sheet: A metrics sheet is helpful for building solutions, reports, automations, and more. Join Solution Consultant Kelly Pratt to learn how to build a metrics sheet in Smartsheet so your organization can get maximum value from the data held in Smartsheet.

Honorable Mentions: 

How to Set Up a PMO in Smartsheet: A PMO is a great way to provide a streamlined way for your organization to track and approve new projects while seeing key metrics across all projects in real-time. In this webinar recording, we cover the core functionalities of a successful PMO and how to set up a PMO in Smartsheet

How to Build Metrics & Charts from Multi Select Columns: In this tutorial, we'll walk you through how to build metrics sheets and charts from multi-select columns in Smartsheet taking you step by step through a use case and showing you how to get the most value from the data you have in Smartsheet.

 Most Watched New Videos of 2023

#1How to Manage Multiple Projects in Smartsheet: One of the most common questions that we hear from our network is, "How do I manage not just one, but multiple projects in Smartsheet?" In this video, Solution Consultant Kelly Pratt breaks down the basics of managing multiple projects in Smartsheet for improved visibility, organization, and accountability.

#2How to Set Up a PMO in A properly built PMO can provide a streamlined process to track and approve new projects, see key metrics across all projects in real-time, and provide a portfolio-level view of all projects and metrics to make key decisions. In this video, we cover the core functionalities of a successful PMO and how to set up a PMO in

#3Smartsheet Tutorial: Easy Time Saving Tips in Smartsheet: It's essential for businesses to be efficient and streamlined to consistently meet scaling demands - that's why we love Smartsheet's powerful yet flexible platform. In this video, we share some of our favorite beginner-friendly, time-saving tips in Smartsheet to improve your team's efficiency and effectiveness! 

Honorable Mentions: 

Smartsheet Tutorial: Workspace vs Folders: Smartsheet has two options for organizing work: creating folders or workspaces. In this video, we highlight the differences and similarities between Workspaces and Folders in Smartsheet, and give you our best tips for how to use both to organize, share, and streamline your work. 

How to Manage Risks, Actions, and Decisions in Smartsheet: A common and highly impactful method for managing risks, actions, decisions, and more is a RAID Log. We upgrade the RAID log to a CRAID log by including “change requests” for one single source of truth for every project. In this webinar recording, Echo Founder Molly Yanus demonstrates how to utilize Smartsheet to implement a CRAID log as well as other impactful risk management techniques.

Want more tutorials and walkthroughs for managing your projects? Check out our full video library here: 


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