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30 Days At Echo: Expectations & Realities

As I hover on the brink of completing my first 30 days with Echo, this feels like an opportune moment to reflect on how I ended up here in the first place - not to mention how the whole expectation vs reality thing has panned out.

So how did I get here?

Interestingly enough, my first run-in with Molly and Echo occurred from the client side of the table. My client story isn’t unique by any stretch; I was desperate to untangle and make sense of a menagerie of workflows, tools, and communications channels, daring to imagine a future where we were operating in the same fashion, using the same words, and generally getting all kumbaya style with our process.

If you've had even remotely close to those type of aspirations in the workplace, you’re likely either nodding your head or rolling your eyes.

In the end, I found a like-minded champion for change that got us a heck of a lot closer to process nirvana than many thought we would. Furthermore, others in the organization noticed our positive pivot and wanted to get onboard! In the biz we call that, progressive elaboration.

So, nearly five years since that fateful encounter with Molly, and 30 days into working for the firm that she founded…what do I think? Let's go back to that expectation vs. reality thing...

Expectation: I’d be working with like-minded folks who’re passionate about helping others ditch the chaos and find their groove.

Reality: Bingo! I suppose what I didn’t entirely expect was to find was how each of the different folks at Echo are as diversified in their skill set and the style in which they contribute as they are in their personal backgrounds… In retrospect this should’ve been an expectation.

The Echo team at their HQ in Burlington, VT

Expectation: I’d be challenged and stimulated from the outset.

Reality: Woof… what an understatement. These guys work on (and with) essentially every PM and process tool I’ve ever heard of, as well as few that I hadn’t until relatively recently. And by the way, they’ve developed a (proprietary) strategic alignment tool that’s going to upend how we establish and maintain our portfolios…nbd. If you know, you know. If you don’t, you will.

Expectation: I’d be up to speed and making moves within a week.

Reality: Please…though I’m no slouch in this arena, these guys have set the bar ridiculously high.

In closing: How’ve my first 30 days at Echo Consulting been? Educational, enlightening, and entertaining to say the least. I look forward to going through a similar exercise at the next milestone in this timeline. ‘Till then.


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