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Introducing StrAlign

StrAlign (verb): To align to strategy. (noun): A tool to help teams focus on the highest impact projects.

What if you had the ability to prioritize incoming work on an ongoing basis to support your organization to focus on the highest impact work? Imagine if you could save time and decrease frustration by making meeting time more impactful?

We are excited to introduce you to StrAlign, a working prototype built by Echo Consulting to reconcile competing priorities and help teams focus on the highest impact projects. Our goal is to provide a tool that teams can use for ongoing, dynamic prioritization utilizing team-sourced input and leadership-driven strategic goals that allows you to lay the groundwork for successful execution of the highest value projects.

StrAlign is a prioritization web app that quantifies the value of projects based on their impact to the strategic goals of the organization. Unlike time-consuming and expensive strategic planning meetings and homegrown excel calculations, StrAlign enables individuals to compare projects relative to each other via a user-friendly app and consolidates the results so that Managers can make data-driven decisions informed by their teams' combined expertise.

Rather than the typical "upvote" popularity contests with other idea/innovation management platforms, StrAlign drives users to make individual instinctual decisions about which project will provide the most impact comparatively speaking. By framing the question in relative terms and requiring everyone to provide their input on their own, StrAlign harnesses diverse perspectives and experiences and quantifies the results - helping bridge the information gap between decision-makers and the individual contributors and subject matter experts on their teams.

Interested in learning more? Check out StrAlign’s website, sign up to receive updates, or schedule a demo to see StrAlign in action!


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