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Team Member Highlight: Peter Canino

Updated: Apr 4

Meet one of our newest team members, Peter Canino, as he shares about his first 60 days at Echo Consulting!

The Backstory: How I Found Echo

The PMO at my last job was interested in improving the utilization of Smartsheet within their PMO. I was looking for vendors who provided services related to Smartsheet to support this goal and I found Echo. Lucky for me! As a long-term consultant, I was interested in the Echo origin story and more importantly the plan for their future. As one of the newest members of the Echo startup, I am excited to try new things (with a plan).

The Work

Much of the approach promoted by Echo is documented on the web site and social media so it’s no secret what the goals are. I’ve been described in the past as genuine and transparent and I’m excited to be on a team that shares those qualities. I’m in the 4th quarter of the “game of career” and I expect to learn some things and hopefully share experiences with the Echo team and clients.

When I tell people who are not familiar with IT consulting what I do, the short story is often “I’ve been in customer service for many years”. Whether the task at hand is technical or people based, I take a process-based view of the next steps and embrace the fact that communication is at the center of every positive result.

The Key Takeaways

Bad news does not age well, so put it out there, ask for help when needed, and deal with it. When I first heard the Project Management Institute (PMI) promote their belief that 90% of the time spent by the project manager is on communication I was not convinced. Over time, if you really break it down, it becomes more of an expectation.

Echo promotes processes to automate communication with tool agnostic automations to delight their customers. I look forward to learning the Echo way of doing business and supporting a group of entrepreneurs stiving to grow a business (with a plan).

Want to work with Peter? Say hello on his LinkedIn page!


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