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Team Member Highlight: Kelly Pratt

As I finish up my second week with Echo, my excitement continues to grow as I work closely with the team. Prior to coming on board with Echo, I worked for a large SaaS organization focused in the automotive space for 7 years. During this time I had the opportunity to manage large-scale projects, create marketing strategies, lead large and dynamic teams and manage enterprise client relationships. While I had the opportunity to work in an array of positions, each one I held was centered around client relationships and consulting. As I reflect back on my experiences as well as on what I hope to contribute to Echo Consulting, it all centers around that client relationship and how I use a consistent set of values each time I have the opportunity to work with and consult with clients.


Transparency is a value I hold both in my personal and professional life. From a client perspective, I believe it is critical to be transparent as you work together. Transparency about the status of a project, any risks factors that arise as well as insights into processes for how I am operating so they can have an understanding of the 'behind the scenes' work as well. I have found that transparency is well respected and can often lead to my next two values, collaboration and trust.


While working with clients, it is my goal to bring my expertise and experience to help them to solve a business problem. Afterall, this is what my position is designed to do. However, I do find the best way to bring this expertise and to help solve a business problem for the client is through collaboration. When working with a client, I like to dig in deep and really understand their challenges and opportunities as well as background on their company's ecosystem and processes so can I assure I am consulting and providing advice that will truly last and make an impact in their business.


Trust is built over small consistent actions that prove you will (1) keep promises, (2) follow through and (3) deliver results. There is no specific timeline that this takes place on, but I find the more consistently I am able to communicate with the client, provide value and provide what I said I would - the easier and quicker it is to build trust and ultimately help their business thrive.

I will continue to bring these values into every client relationship I have the opportunity of working for with Echo Consulting.


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